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“ATM ServNet® is the Original National Service and Installation Company in the Small Footprint ATM Industry.℠”

You know you’ve arrived as a company when people copy you!  ATM ServNet set the standard and will continue to innovate within the ATM repair and installation industry.

Over the years we've helped many of our competitors get started by sharing information and teaching technicians how to work on ATMs and how to be customer service oriented.  One service company took our innovation of Direct Care (see the services we offer for an explanation of what DC is).  Another went as far as copying our name and confusing our clients!  Someone stole our motto:  “Your National ATM Service and Installation Company℠” and changed a word in it to try to make it legit.  Most copied our forms and our terminology.  But we’re still here and we plan to be here for a long, long time.  We’re excited about our future and we’re excited about yours too!  “You sell and we’ll do the rest.℠”

Our founder, Carl Myers, wrote the rules for service companies in the “small footprint” ATM industry.  He’s been referred to as the “Grandfather” of the “small footprint” ATM service industry.  He would never say any of this to you or even bring it up, but we will.  (He probably wouldn't talk about being awarded the Dayton Business Journal's "40 Under 40 Award" either!)  We’re proud of our heritage and the innovations ATM ServNet has brought to the table over the years.  Just wait and see what we do next!

Yes, we all go through changes.  A great lead tech might leave to take a less stressful job or a daily operations manager might decide to teach biology.  Hey, someone might even get fired for poor customer service, a bad attitude, not doing what they’re told, or just plain not working hard enough.  All businesses go through changes.  We might even want to fire ourselves from time to time!  But we make the best of it.  You know because you’ve been there too.  We’re proud of you for still being around.  And we’re proud of us for still being here.  There’s a lot to do and we’re ready for the challenge.  Are you?  Work with us and we’ll make sure you are!

How It All Began:  SLOWLY!

Ever drive over 100,000 miles within one year?  Our founder, Carl Myers, has!  Ever do 8 de-installs and 7 installations in the same day?  Yep, he’s done that too!  Ever do 151 reprograms, drive over 3,600 miles, and do it all in 22 consecutive days for the same client?  You guessed it!  Carl’s done it!  Ever take a business from $103,000 in sales one year to $427,000 in sales the next year?  Carl did!  Ever take sales from $427,000 to over $600,000 the next year, all while losing a quarter million dollar account when E*Trade suddenly decided to go with one national repair provider who is no longer in the national ATM repair business?  Again, Carl made it happen!  Those are just a few of the things our Founder has done for ATM ServNet over the years!  (And we all know that Carl's wife, Buffie, is the person who really made all this happen!)  But how did it all begin?

It all began with one client, a few tools, a fax and a telephone!  It's time for you to come home to ATM ServNet.
No hassles, no schmoozing, no contracts, no monthly fees.  And we won't sell the company two or three times.  We're debt free so we plan on being here for a long time.  Come home to consistent people you can depend on for honest communication and a job well done.  Call 937-766-9396 for installation and repair in all 50 states!

Headquarters Location:

ATM ServNet
49 W. Xenia Ave
Suite D
Cedarville, OH  45314

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