WE do that!  It's been diagnosed over the telephone, but we'll double check that  diagnosis in person before putting any parts on.  If it's a warranty issue WE do that too!  Just let us know where and we'll let our tech in that area know and tell you when!

Want to process it?  We'll reprogram it for you.  WE do that! 

Installation and Training

We'll remove it and store it or ship it.


Tech Support
It "ain't" easy, but it's worth it to be able to solve a high percentage of your technical issues over the telephone!

Direct Care
Direct Care is a program designed just for your company.  An example of what DC can be is what we do for a client in Chicago.  We set up an 800# for their locations and put it on the sticker on their ATMs.  They focus on sales and we take care of the rest!  Whether it's a location that needs a little tech support or a lot of tech support, we take care of it.  And we answer the telephone with their company name as their national tech support office.  It's inexpensive and easy because they mark up our invoices to their locations to cover the costs (including the costs to care for their in-house ATMs) of the program!

Another DC client is in San Francisco.  The owners go on vacation for about a month at a time every once in a while and we manage the ATMs while they're gone.  This includes checking messages, dispatching techs as needed, and e-mailing them an update every evening with what happened that day.  They've joked that they will retire and turn the ATMs over to us to manage full-time some day.  We just hope that they keep sending the See's Candy!  The office staff loves it!  Call us and let us know what your needs are.  We'll design a plan for you too.


Project Management

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